THE EXPANDABLE RACK is a custom built expandable maker storage system designed for the tournament

paintball player. Each stand is designed to hold several markers at one time. All stands are made with air-craft aluminum using stainless steel hardware. The rubber used on the barrel holder and the tank holder is a U.V. rated o-ring material. The "Expandable Rack" can also be broken down into several small piecesin order to ship or fit into a bag for flight travel. The new, THE ROLLING STAND wheels can be added to one or both legs.

THE PRE-FABRICATED RACKuses the same marker holding sections with a different connection tube welded to the main bar. Thus creating a one piece section. These stand have two lock down tabs weldedto the main bar. This lets you run a cable through the triggers on your guns and lock them to the stand.The other lock down can be used to lock your stand to something solid, so your stand and guns stay where you put them. These stands will only break into 3 pieces (one main bar and two sets of legs). Thenew, THE ROLLING STAND wheels can be added to these stands too.

THE TABLE STAND uses both structures from the EXPANDABLE RACK and the PRE-FABRICATED RACK butinstead of legs they use an end bracket. This end bracket lets you set your stand on a table, truck bedor a hatchback and still reach your marker at a mid-section height (depending on how high or low yourtruck or hatchback is). This bracket puts the main bar about two inches off the surface you put it on.

START BOX STAND uses both structures from the EXPANDABLE RACK and the PRE-FABRICATED RACK.The legs are made to create a three sided frame in front of the stand to be used as the start box.There are holes in the leg tops and leg feet to hang a banner in front of the stand. This keep the markerson the stand from being shot-up while the game is in progress. In private use this stand can be used likeany other stand I produce with a place to put your team or group banner. The start box size is 40 inchestall by 72 inches wide. The stands main lower bar sits at 20 inches above the ground.
All stands are light weight for example: a 4-man Expandable stand ships at about 35lbs (my heaviest stand)


Here are some pictures of the features of THE RACK.


TANK MOUNT                                                       BARREL MOUNT       


                        LEGS                                                  CONNECTING PIN (Expandable stands)  

       EXPANDABLE STAND (shown holding markers)                                     TABLE STAND