Molds-R-Russ is the business in witch The Paintball Rack products are produced. Molds-R-Russ is also
owned and operated by Russ Hughes the same owner as The Paintball Rack. Contact information can be
found on the Contacts/Links page along with a business address and phone/fax number.

The Paintball Rack was featured in the August / September 2006 issue of Splat Magazine
www.Splat Magazine.com 
. Here is the issue and article courtesy of Michael Neveux
Publisher/Editorial Director of Splat Magazine



The Paintball Rack sponsored two teams for 2006 one being Alchemy (semi-pro in theNPPL) the other
No limit Soldiers (team site: www.soldierpaintball.com ) Hosting 3-man Tournaments and finished 4th in NPPL
 division 3 for 2006 
. Here are some pictures of Alchemy playing in Huntington Beach (2006). Pictures were
taken by
Michael Wise of Chrono300, for more high quality paintball photo's go to www.chrono300.com




Molds-R-Russ/ The Paintball Rack is an official sponsor of the X.P.S.L (Xtreme Paintball Sports League) Look for
 my stands in the chrono area when entering all of the X.P.S.L. fields. Here are some pictures taken from some of the
2006 X.P.S.L. events. Pictures taken below are from 4 different sources Claim Jumper, Ben from www.bjcpics.com,
 Kat from www.katspix.com and Gary from www.paintballphotography.com  




The Paintball Rack
was an exhibitor at the 2006 Paintball Expo, along with a current exhibitor for 2007. For those
 of you who couldn't make it out to the Paintball Expo here are some pictures of what you missed. Photos by
Gary Baum of www.paintballphotography.com



In 2005 The Paintball Rack exhibited at two N.P.P.L. events Huntington Beach and San Diego. Some pictures from
 those events below.



The Paintball Rack was featured in Splat Magazine's October / November 2005 issue in "The Ultimate Staging Area"
 here are several pictures taken by Michael Neveux Publisher/Editorial Director of Splat Magazine.






July 20th 2007

The Paintball Rack is proud to announce Stinger Paintball Disigns (SPD) as an official Paintball Rack distributor. SPD is a rapidly growing business that specializes in customized grips and hoppers. SPD also sells a variety of paintball related products such as markers,head wraps and other paintball accessories. SPD is also the maker of my new product The Paintball Rack "Hopper Shell". The "Hopper Shell" will be added to my PRODUCTS page along with pricing .


The Paintball Rack, Spyder Cup team qualifyed for the Grand Finale Championship to be held at Hollywood Sports Park, CA. on November 3rd-4th. Look for us there playing for three brand new H2 Hummers.

June 17th 2007

The Paintball Rack is introducing another new product, designed for the tournament paintball fields called the "Start Box Stand".This is a field stand that replaces the original starting gates used in tournament paintball. This all aluminum stand has a starting gate along with a gun stand behind the gate. The gun stand serves two purposes one: a place to put your marker after you are shot out of the game (besides on the ground) and two: a place to put your gun when putting on your arm bands to start a game. The "Start Box Stand" can also be used by teams or groups like any other stand I produce, with an area in front to put a team or group banner. The "Start Box Stand" was introduced during the XPSL San Bernardino event and will be on the XPSL field for stop #4 in Fresno. 


Off The Break News has been added to my LINKS/CONTACT US Page and the "Start Box Stand" has been added to THE RACK and PRODUCTS pages.

June 12th 2007

The Paintball Rack has teamed up with Burst Paintball Centers for the run of the 2007 Del Mar Fair. Burst Paintball Centers will have several Paintball Rack products on display for holding their rental guns. They will also have a huge enclosed outdoor field (80ft x 140ft) For paintball play.The field is located on the infield of the horse racing track. The fair starts on June 8th and ends on July 4th. Greg Hastings will be at the field on June 16th and June 17th to sign autographs and maybe play some games. For more information you can check out Burst Paintball Centers at:


And the Del Mar fair at:


March 25th 2007

The Paintball Rack is proud to announce another new product. A suggestion brought to me by an attendee at the Paintball Expo (Can you make a wall mount version that doesn't require a tank to be mounted on your marker). So here is what I came up with: The Display Stand- A single marker holder with a "hard mount" system (meaning attached to mounting bracket in a fixed position). and made in both table mounting or wall mounting.

Along with the new products (Display Stands) came another new product variation: "Table Mount" - a single marker stand in a horizontal position.

The Paintball Rack Has agreed to sponsor Team PBRack.com from Washington and Paintball Sports Promotion (PSP) along with the continued support of the XPSL and Team Alchemy.

Here is the article from the PSP ( www.pspevents.com ) along with the link (just click on article)

The Paintball Rack would like to congratulate John West of Downey CA for winning the raffle at the Paintball Expo for a Single Holder "Wall Mount" autographed by Greg Hastings from XSV .

February 4th 2007

The Paintball Rack has a new look for 2007 along with some new products. Some of the new products are shown on the Paintball Expo's website. Those photos and the rest of the products will be shown on my "Products" page. You can also visit the Paintball Expo at
www.paintballexpo.com .