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"The Paintball Rack" are patented*, custom made paintball products produced by Molds-R-Russ and made in the U.S.A.. All products are produced using aircraft grade aluminum, stainless steel hardware and U.V. rated rubber inlays.  The Paintball Rack products are light weight (for travel and shipping) and made to last a long time. So take some time and browse through my pages and see what The Paintball Rack has for you.

Sincerely, Russ Hughes

* patent pending

Specializing in single and multiple gun holding racks

top photo by Michael Neveux
(Publisher/Editorial Director of Splat Magazine)

bottom photo by Gary Baum from Paintballphotography.com


May 11th 2014
Changed "The Paintball Rack's" phone number (951) 453-3967. Still doing business, just no updates to report.

June 21th 2011

Sorry for the lack of updates, The Paintball Rack is still here making quality products for the paintball industry despite the current economic situation. I have changed my mailing address to 3507 W Stetson Ave #223 Hemet CA 92545 but my Phone number has not changed since the inception (951)679-7491.  Looking forward to working with some new customer along with my repeat customers who appreciate a quality built product, sincerely Russ Hughes.

    May 11th 2010

The Paintballl Rack has agreed to sponsor Team Golden State Pirates for the 2010 season. The Paintball Rack will also continue to sponsor the U.S.P.L, The R.P.L and Team Surgical Strike for 2010. The Paintball Rack will continue to develop new products for the 2010 season.

September 27th 2009

The Paintball Rack has teamed up with the USPL to provide field stands for their center court. These stands provide a start gate combined with a gun rack to provide a place to put your gun after you are shot out of the game. A banner in front of the stand insures your gun will not get shot-up while your gun is in the stand. Look for the stand at USPL Las Vegas October 16th-18th

June 25th 2009

The Paintball Rack Would like to feature a fairly new product called "Store Mount Wall Mount". This product allows you to display a paintball marker on a wall with no tank attached. This bracket uses your ASA (where you screw in your tank) from your marker, to attach to the bracket, that attaches to the wall. Once set up your marker can be easily removed from the wall and just as easy attached back on the wall. Below are some pictures of the "Store Mount Wall Mount". For the month of July only this product is only $35 plus shipping and tax (if sold in California).


April 20th 209

The Paintball Rack has agreed to sponsor these two teams for the 2009 season:

Camp Pendleton Legion (left) and Surgical Strike

March 3th 2009

The Paintball Rack has agreed to sponsor these tournament series for the 2009 season.

Adrenalin Force, Riot Series and The RPL


November 29th 2008

The Paintball Rack has always offered custom work for those who take advantage of it. Custom work can be anything from something I produce with a variation to something I don't even make. Below are a couple jobs I have done for those customers who asked for something custom.

Jason From Queens, New York wanted a single gun stand table mount in all black matte. The single gun stand is something I already produce,  but it usually has some polished and brushed aluminum components. So at a minimal cost I was able to meet Jason's need. 


The photos below are pictures of the famous Hitman Trigger. This is an bolt on piece that attaches to a CCM pump kit, that gives you the ability to play a tight bunker without exposing your hand and arm. The trigger is not something I already produce but it does fall under the category of Custom Work.


November 24th 2008

The Paintball Rack is sad to announce the passing of a good friend and collogue, Tyson Allen Evenson on November 14th 2008. Tyson was the brain child behind my logo and motto “Support Through Metal” but most people know him as the owner and operator of Sly Equipment. I met Tyson back in 2001 working for ACI and we remained friends ever since. He will be missed by all who knew him.


July 26th 2008

The Paintball Rack is proud to introduce Team Carnage out of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The Paintball Rack is currently sponsoring Team Carnage for the 2008 season, they are playing in the Canadian X-Ball League (CXBL). Below are some pictures of Team Carnage and their Stagging area which includes a 5-Man Expandable Stand. From the Center Photo (From Left to right) Team Carnage members are: Jean Philippe Robert, Charles Martel, Maxime Forgues, Philippe Giroux and not pictured Stephane Paguette.


  April 12th 2008


The Paintball Rack is proud to announce more new products. Due to having produced several items for many well known companies, The Paintball Rack’s new products are more industry related items. Below are some pictures of the new products along with the products name and description. The new products will be added to my “PRODUCTS” page along with pricing.


Store Wall Mount - This is a single stand designed to hold a marker by the ASA adapter. This stand has a mounting bracket attached to the back for mounting on either a “Slat Wall” (“T” slotted wall board) or “Grid Lock” (1/4 inch diameter wire in 2 inch square patterns).



Mobile Display Stands - These stands are designed to hold product for sale or to show off a certain product.These stands can be moved around to meet the customer’s needs. Perfect for shows or a store to put product where it can be visibly seen. Product can be locked down on stands using “Lock Down Collars”. Below are some pictures of a “Hopper Stand”, “Product Display Stand” and “Product Rods”.



Display Cables - These are cables used to lock down markers on any multi-gun stand, in a display atmosphere. These cables consist of a mounting bracket (to connect to a lock down tube) and cables to lock down from 1 to 4 guns (when ordering specify how many cables). They are not designed for super secure locking devices. A personal secure locking device is in process but does not exist yet.



Single Expandable Stand - This stand uses the same platform as all expandable stands except the single gun holding section is in the middle of the main bar. This stand can be used as a "TABLE STAND" or a "FREE STANDING STAND" style.



The Paintball Rack has agreed to sponsor Team Carnage out of Ontario Canada along with my continued support for Team PBRack, playing in the PSP and the millennium Series this year. A picture of Team Carnage will be up soon.

March 31st 2008


The Paintball Rack would like to say thanks to everyone that came out to see me at the NPPL Huntington Beach tournament. The weather was great and I had a good time hanging out with some good people. Below are some pictures of that event.


March 1st 2008

The Paintball Rack has agreed to sponsor the NPPL, XPSL and Splat’s APT for the 2008 season



February 1st 2008

The Paintball Rack just received “Tournament Product of the Year” in Splat Magazine’s 2007 Awards. Pictures soon too follow.


December 1st 2007


The Paintball Rack was featured in Splat Magazine’s famous Christmas photo shoot. I was lucky enough to attend the event in person. Below are some pictures of that eventful day, for a link to the video of the event go to: www.splatmagazine.com/video.php?id=333.


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